About Us

The Super Brochure is a grassroots initiative designed as an end-run around traditional media to reach American voters. Super Brochures are delivered directly into the homes and hands of voters, allowing them to learn for themselves what their government is doing. The Super Brochure is especially effective for elderly voters, many of whom do not have access to the internet. The Super Brochure acts as a counterweight to misleading and downright false reports on TV news.

Why This is Important

Marketing anything, including a political message, requires as much exposure as possible. No better way to do this than to have that message delivered directly into a person's mailbox. With the person seeing their name on the Super Brochure, they feel the message more personally. Recipients can spend hours reading the material and researching Ron Paul on their own with the links and resources provided in the brochure.

The love and care that goes into each Super Brochure is truly inspiring. The pictures, the information and the resources have been painstakingly chosen for maximum effect and the brochure itself is stunningly beautiful.

Do you remember what it was like to learn about something for the first time? It is the beginning of a journey. For just 55 cents, you can potentially launch a fellow American onto that same journey of inspiration, education and discovery the same journey you embarked on. Somewhere, somehow, you woke up. The world has been a different place ever since.

The Super Brochure can be a doorway for someone else, someone who doesn't know the message of Liberty and Freedom. Think of it as the best gift you could offer someone.

New supporters are out there waiting for us! They just don't know it, yet! We cannot leave them out in the cold. The Super Brochure is a way to reach them.

This is the most important thing you can do!!! Erik, Mark and Curt, of SuperBrochure.com, have put their names and personal fortunes on the line for this and their excitement is sustaining them as they work around the clock with you on spreading the message of Liberty around the country.

Thank you for everything you do in the cause of Liberty.